Industrial robotic cells

General Robotics develops numerous custom-made industrial applications for the different manufacturing processes. Each integration has its own characteristics and advantages, with the following being, at least, common to all the integrations carried out.

The custom-made robotic cells are designed under an in-depth study in the preliminary project, avoiding in this way problems in the execution of the installation.


  • Robotic cells manufactured as custom made or standard.
  • Robots of different numbers of axes, comprised on occasion by linear tracks controlled by external axes.
  • Cells equipped with latest technology in artificial vision, laser digitalization and measuring systems, etc.
  • Grippers appropriate for any type of application in handling rubber, wood, plastic, iron, glass, etc.
  • Robotic cells with the CE mark.


  • Customer assistance with 24-hour technical service.
  • Increase in productivity due to the improvement of the cycle time.
  • High profitability and low amortization periods.
  • Robotic cells of very easy handling, with operator-oriented programming.
  • Specialists in robotics are not required for the assistance and maintenance of the robotic cell.
  • Robotics courses given to companies collaborating with General Robotics.
  • One-year guarantee from the acceptance of the cell.